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For some of our members, they may not be aware that cycling in Australia is potentially changing as MTB Road and BMX look to join forces under a new identity called AusCycling. Our committee has attended workshops regarding the proposed changes and has had lengthy conversations regarding the pros and cons of joining the new entity and at this months meeting it was unanimously voted that Southern City BMX Club would support the new entity and our BMXT Club delegate Mars Jennings will take our decision to the next BMXT meeting.

To help our members understand our decision we have put together the following information:

Advantages for the state and sport to join AusCycling

  • For a state and membership of our size, it seems there would be greater access to resources and support through a One Cycle model.

  • Larger opportunity for sponsorship by having a larger membership database

  • Additional support for obtaining grants and funds

  • The ability to grow the sport via other disciplines like MTB and Road, families can start their children on BMX as we begin at 2 years old.

  • More improved pathways for aspiring athletes

  • A united cycling community, no US VS THEM

  • More coaching and educational programs

  • Better resources and support services for our members and volunteers

What does it mean for BMX Tasmania?

  • BMX Tasmania will move their funds over to AusCycling and will dissolve their constitution

  • BMX Tasmania will move into an advisory role while AusCycling Commence operation

  • For the first 12 to 18 months, not a lot will change, BMXT will continue to operate and run events throughout the state

  • BMX will retain all equipment they own

  • BMX will have direct access to 3 full-time staff that will handle all aspects of cycling within the state, this will help to improve services to members and events.

What does it mean for Southern City BMX?

  • Nothing changes at a club level

  • Southern City BMX Club retains their funds in their accounts and continues to operate as normal

  • SCBMXC will have greater access to resources like graphic designer/grants support/office admin/event planning

  • Our members will be able to continue to compete at UCI events and events across Australia

  • Our members will have greater access to services through the new network

  • For a lot of BMX Members and families, their overall licence cost will go down and will allow them to compete/try other Disciplines like MTB and Road.

Rumours/Myths about AUSCYCLE:

AusCycling is being forced on us by Sport Australia

AusCycling was initiated by, and is being led by, the respective cycling NSOs.

The respective NSOs have realised that there are inefficiencies in maintaining 19 separate cycling organisations across Australia and there are greater opportunities as a single entity servicing the broad and expanding cycling community. This has led to a number of discussions over the years about potential combinations. SportAUS has provided assistance at the request of the three disciplines because it believes that the project will result in a better overall outcome for the sport of cycling in Australia.

This is a takeover by CA of MTBA and BMXA

AusCycling is not a takeover, it is a merger of partners.

Equality is a core principle that underpins the governance arrangements of AusCycling. For example, the initial board will comprise three representatives of each discipline, and each Committee will feature representatives of each discipline.

The disciplines are working collaboratively to ensure that this new opportunity for cycling is built on mutual respect, an understanding of the different cultures and communities within each cycling discipline, and a combined passion for the sport of cycling, regardless of which discipline we represent.

CA is in financial trouble and AusCycling is just a plan to bail them out

CA has achieved a profit in each of the past five years, and the financial performance of CA in this time has been stable.

Whilst CA does currently have a negative equity position, as part of the AusCycling proposal, there will be an assistance package from Sport Australia that will address this deficit and allow AusCycling to be properly established.

The cultures of BMX and MTB will be lost in AusCycling

The need to retain the unique culture of each individual discipline is a vital principle that has underpinned all of the work on AusCycling.

Through all planning, efforts have been made to ensure that the individual spirit, culture and things that are important to each discipline are preserved within AusCycling.

Fundamentally, a BMX race will remain a BMX race, as will a mountain bike event or a track race.

AusCycling will exist to service all riders across all parts of the country, regardless of what type of bike they ride. This important principle has been enshrined in the Constitution of AusCycling.

State money is being taken away and will be used to repay debt

Any State or Territory assets that are transferred to AusCycling will be spent to deliver improved services and to grow the sport.

It is important that AusCycling is provided with the necessary capital to properly service the combined cycling community.

To allow this, we are proposing that all assets of the NSOs and SSOs will transfer to AusCycling prior to windup. These assets will then be redirected to deliver the improved suite of member services to clubs and participants, and to grow the sport.

Clubs are being forced to tip their money into AusCycling

No clubs will be asked to contribute their assets to AusCycling. Club money and assets will remain at that club.

AusCycling will exist to service the members and the clubs. We expect that there will be minimal impact on clubs in the immediate rollout of AusCycling, and the only difference clubs will experience over time is better services and support.

We won’t be able to run the same events any more

We expect that all events that are run today will continue to be run tomorrow under AusCycling. Fundamentally, a BMX race will remain a BMX race, as will a mountain bike event or a track race.

AusCycling will exist to service members and the clubs. We expect that AusCycling will provide improved support and systems to assist with events.

The State Associations aren’t supportive of AusCycling

We have engaged with State and Territory Associations in designing the AusCycling concept.

Whilst there are a small number of State Associations that are not currently supported, we have received very positive support from the vast majority of State and Territory Associations of BMX and CA as they believe the proposal is in the best interests of their members and the sport. Whilst MTB does not have States, the MTB members we have engaged with are also supportive of the AusCycling concept.

So What happens in regards to voting?

  • Each club has the opportunity to vote on AusCycling and then the 3 votes from the club will be taken to BMXT

  • BMXT Has two votes which come from the President and Secretary.

  • Out of the five votes, there needs to be over 75% “VOTE YES” to proceed.

  • Should the vote for Tasmania be NO but AusCycling gets up across the country then an individual club can choose to leave BMXT and join AusCycling directly.

Moving forward if any club member has questions regarding AusCycling then Vice President, Patrick Berry has attended three workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart regarding the new entity and is happy to chat further.


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