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Interested in getting into BMX Racing but unsure as to how it all works? Below is a list of our frequently asked questions to help you better understand our sport

what age can someone get into bmx?

The best thing about BMX racing is it works for the entire family with riders at SCBMXC Starting as young as 2 years old on Balance Bikes through to our oldest rider at 65 years old.

We have both male and female riders making our sport one of the most inclusive in Australia.

how do i try bmx before becoming a member?

We have an introductory participation program named ‘Ride In2BMX’. Throughout the year clubs across the country hold these days to open the sport up to new members.

To learn more about Ride In2BMX, click here. 


Of course, if you want to get on track and ride, you can visit your local club anytime, become a member and begin! To become a member – Click here!

what equipment do i need?

The equipment required to participate in or race BMX is listed below:


Any 20 inch or 24 inch (cruiser) BMX bike will be fine. Remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick-stand, pegs and reflectors, for the safety of yourself and other riders.

Ensure that there are no sharp edges on your handlebars (i.e. No torn grips with exposed metal) or pedals, etc. You need a rear hand brake that works. Before riding an official at your club will check your bike and help with any minor adjustments.

what do i have to wear?

  • LONG PANTS or track pants that are fitted at the ankle are acceptable to race in.

  • LONG SLEEVE TOP or Race Jersey that is fitted at the wrist.

  • Any type of GLOVES that have complete hand and finger protection.

  • A full face HELMET that covers the ears. Some clubs have a spare that you can borrow. Mini wheelers and attendees at Ride in2 BMX events can wear a non-full faced Australia Standards approved helmet.

  • You must wear fully enclosed SHOES to protect your feet.

how often does the club hold racing?


SCBMXC run club racing most Sundays throughout the year but to ensure you don’t miss out we highly recommend signing upto the Team App or check against our team calendar.

what does it cost to race BMX?

You will be required to sign up to BMX Australia for a licence to race, this cost changes depending upon your age.


In addition, each race meets there is a cost of $7 to race at SCBMX Club.

do you hold practice/training session?

SCBMXC host gates practice every Wednesday night from 3.30pm for mini wheelers and 4pm to 5.30pm for open gates.


The club also hosts training session throughout the year and we will notify members via our social media channels as to when they will happen?

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