Rider Profiles

Matthew Duncombe

Name: Matthew Duncombe
Nickname: Matty
Age: 16
Year you started racing: 2004
First Race bike: Kuwahara Junior
Current Race bike(s): 2010 Supercross Envy Pro XL Neon Green & 2008 Intense Podium pro crusier
State: 6T Pro Open
Favourite Track: 2010 Australian Nationals Track Shepparton
Favourite Food: Mum's spicy Pasta
Favourite Drink: Red Bull
Favourite Rider: Sam Willoughby, Maris Strombergs and Brian Kirkham
Favourite movie: Sherlock Holmes
Favourite TV show: Hogans Heros
The best thing you enjoy about BMX: Everything!

Favourite AFL team: Essendon Bombers
Other sports or hobbies: Football, Cricket and hanging out with friends
Anyone you would like to thank: Mum and Dad especially, Justin, the Cannel family and everyone that helps down at the track on race days.