Rider Information & Rules


Any 20 inch or 24 inch (cruiser) BMX bike is fine. Remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick stand, pegs and reflectors, for safety of yourself and other riders. Ensure that there are no sharp edges on your handlebars or pedals, etc. You need a rear hand brake.


  • Long Pants - Jeans or track pants are fine. MTB shorts are okay but must be worn with approved knee/shin guards.
  • Long Sleeved Top
  • Gloves
  • Full face helmet - The club has some spare helmets that you can borrow.
  • Shoes - you must wear fully enclosed shoes to protect your feet
  • Long Socks - your socks need to be long enough to cover you ankles.


Race day costs include a first aid levy and BMX Tasmania levy payable to BMX Tasmania, part of this levy is held in a trust fund to assist riders competing in National Championships.

All riders must have registered by 11.30am or other stipulated time to be able to compete in the 1st moto. Riders to contact a commitee person if they will be late for registration. Gate starts approx. 11.30am. Riders must have full safety gear on at all times when on the track.

Racing to commence at 12.noon unless previously advertised and maintenance completed on the track. Track will be closed to the public, on race or training days and this will be in force until last official leaves the complex or permission is given. Track is closed during the lunch break unless a rider is granted permission from the race director.

Only riders registered to race on the day will be permitted on the track at any time except where special permission has been granted by the race director and only when there are no other riders on the track. Licences or green forms must be presented at all race meeting and training.

Committee have the right to refuse any nomination to race, without recourse. All entry forms and flyers will be available from your club. Only race day officials and 1st Aid will be permitted on the track at any time, with the race commissaires permission. In the case of a fall or other incident, spectators and parents are not allowed to enter the track as doindg so could endanger the fallen rider, or other riders on the track, unless requested by 1st Aid attendant.

Qualified 1st Aid personnel will be in attendance at all race meets and correct procedure must be followed. Code of behaviour (in handbook) must be adhered to. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour or foul language will not be tolerated, or any acts or threats of violence, both verbal or physical can result in disqualification from a moto, from the event or expulsion from the complex. The behaviour of any parent or associate of a rider can result in any of the above penalties being enforced on that rider or riders.

No rider is to inflence the outcome of any race. "laying down" to assist another rider to achieve a better result is against the rules andwill not be tolerated. Wet weather, if unsure if a race meeting will go ahead, please contact a relevant committee person. In case of cancellation it will be announced over radio stations. HOFM, ABC, ToteSports.

The club will endevour to keep all members up to date with all issues, but it is the responsibility of each member to be aware of licence renewal date as well as entrty closing dates for all events (see state calendar). Training Nights. Maybe held Wednesday evenings during daylight savings time. Check with committee person. All race day rules apply.

Riders must be accompanied by a responsible adult or guardian whilst attending club events.


  • The club holds no responsibility of any loss or damage to personal property, all care will be taken.
  • NO smoking within track grounds
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times
  • The carrying or consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs within the club grounds is prohibited unless permission previously granted
  • By riders, members and public attending this track you acknowledge acceptance of these rules and regulations and that any appointed committee member or official, reserves the right to remove any persons not complying with these rules
  • Riders must obey the rule of NO RIDING IN THE SPECTATOR AREA.
  • Only riders and officials of the day are permitted on the start hill with the exception of the persons holding the sprockets at the gate
  • Car speeds within the fenced area of the track maximum 10KPH
  • For the use of any equipment permission must be gained from the race director or if not available an executive of the club