Home Race Entry Forms 2017 Darrell Vincent SKINS 25th June

2017 Darrell Vincent SKINS 25th June

Registration 10:30-11:30

Practice 11:15-11:45 only after registration

Racing commences at 12pm.

Mini Wheelers, Sprockets, Age Challenge, Cruiser and Superclass. Full Open, 4 month and Club (Sthn City only) licence holders eligible.

Mini Wheelers and Sprockets, 5 motos.

All other classes, Shoot out qualification process:

3 qualifying motos (random draw)

Quarter Final (top 4 advance, bottom 4 drop out)

Semi Final (top 2 advance, bottom 2 drop out)

Final 2 remaining riders in each class ride for 1st and 2nd.

mini Wheelers & Sprockets Bronze Medallions, Gold & Silver for 1st & 2nd all other classes

•Online registration using your BMXA Member ID available using the below link:


​•Or printable entry form available here.



The event is open to all riders whether you are a seasoned rider or novice and is a fun an exciting day.

For those of you not familiar with the SKINS event, it has a Shoot-out race format. This means that all riders race 3 qualifying motos and then the top 8 riders (on points) in each class go through to a Quarter Final. The top 4 rders in the Quarter Final move on to a Semi Final, and then the top 2 from the Semi go through to a Final. If we have less than 9 riders in a class the format may be modified.

Mini Wheelers and Sprockets race 5 participation motos.

All Mini Wheelers and Sprockets receive a Bronze participation medallion and 1st and 2nd in all other classes receive a Gold & Silver medallion.